TECHNICAL PROCESSING FLOW NAME OF PRODUCT:  BLOCK FROZEN TRA & BASA Name of product:  Frozen Fillet Tra & Basa Preserving...


Name of product:  Frozen Fillet Tra & Basa
Preserving and distributing : temperature - 20o C ± 2 o C
Intended customers : General public

Raw material receiving Alive fish, no deficiency
Net weight  500g
Alive fish is transported to company by drilled vessels.
Transporting time about 6 hours. The raw materials were put into plastic basket and transported by truck. At the receiving area. QC checked organoleptic, origin document, antibiotic result, guarantee letter about using antibiotic, and then  raw material are evaluated quality before processing. Only survival fish, no deficiency.
Killing fish - washing 1 Use clean water Cutting fauces of fish and washing again by clean water.
Fillet -Fillets are smooth, straight
-No bone remaining and broken meat
Fillet fish by sharp stainless knives on plastic cutting board. Slight performance and avoid breaking intestine and bone remain
Washing 2 Used clean water, normal temperrature.
Washing water only use once.
Wash fish pieces in two tanks to reject foreign matters, blood, slime and partly bacteria.
Skinning Without skin remaining
Don’t break the meat
Use kinless machine to reject skin. Operation is right technical, don’t break meat.
Trimming No red meat, fats and bones.
Semi-product temperature is   150C
Trimming to reject red meat, fat. After trimming must be cleaned red meat, fat, not break meat, no boneless smooth on the face.
Parasite checking -No parasite in fish pieces
-Checking 30 minutes/time
Check each fish pieces by eyes on table with neon lights. Fillets have parasite must be rejected. QC is checking 30 minutes/time
Washing 3 -Temperature of washing water ≤ 8oC
-Frequency of changing water: 200kgs/ time

After check parasite fish must be wash two tanks clean water have temperature under 8oC. Changing water are no more 200kgs/ time

Mix chemical - Chemical temperature: 3-7 0C
- Time of mix: < 8 minute
- Chemical concentration  depends on: kind of chemical at  the time of using
- Temperature of the piece of fillet after mix: <150C.
After washing, piece of fillet would be to weight  and bring on mixer about 100-400Kgs/ time depend on size of mixer. Then pour chemical on ( flake ice, salt , chemical, cold water with temperature 3-70C), ratio of piece fillet  and chemical 3:1
Sizing, grading Sizing: grs/piece, oz/pieces or requirement of customer. Permission error is under 2%. Fillet is sized: 60-120, 120-170, 170-220, 220– Up (grs/piece) or 3-5;5-7;7-9; 4-6; 6-8; 8-10; 10-12 (oz/piece), or requirement of customer.
Weighing 1 Depending on the requirement of customers Fish is weighed according to same size, grade and requirement of customers.
Washing 4 -Temperature of washing water ≤ 8oC
-Frequency of changing water: 100kgs/ time.
Fillet must be wash 1 tanks clean water have temperature under 8oC. Changing water are no more 100kgs/ time
Tray-laying Tray laying must follow the stipulation block or IQF Block type: at bottom and top layers, fish fillet is put how to the dorsal inside, each fish layer  is covered by PE.
IQF type: fish fillet is put the fish on the belt of IQF freezer how to the dorsal outside.
Pre-freezing Temp. of pre-freezing: -10C ÷  40C.
Pre-freezing time:  4 hours.
After tray– laying, if semi-product is not freeze, must be transferred to pre-freezing chamber according to first in, first out.
Freezing Freezing time  3 hours,
Internal temp.  -180C.
Temp. of cabinet from  -350  ÷ -400C.
Freezing time  3 hours, freezing time according to types of products and block.


Temperature of water:    
-10C ÷  40C.
After freezing, block product detached by hand. Glazing by glazing equipment.
Packaging 1kg/PE bag and extra, 10kg/ctn. Block product: 5kg/block x 2 /carton.
IQF product: in sealed PE bag.
1kg/PE x 10 PE/carton, or 1kg/PE x 12 PE/carton, or according to requirement of customers.
Tie 2 cross, 2 length.
Cold storage Cold storage temp.  –20  2 oC. Finished products must be kept in cold storage at temperature  –20  2 oC.